Monday, June 30, 2014

Laura 101.5

Hello Everyone,
My name is Laura and I'm excited to start this class as I am a semi-well-adjusted-Digital Immigrant :)

I'm a RI native and am ready to finish my last year of the M.Ed in TESL. I can see the light!! **cue cheers and confetti!**

I already have a blog on blogger from when I traveled around South American 5 years ago (Aaaah ~ time flies!!) You should check it out right **here** Heck, I should check it out. It's been a long time since I've visited. 

I myself can't believe that it is actually me in the photos and my stories. It is a time in my life that today seems surreal, however, those times were the best of my life too (yes, better than college.) I will always think of those 6 months with rose colored glasses. If you have questions about traveling in South America - I used to be an expert and am happy to try my hand at offering answers :)

When I'm not in class, there are endless things I like to fill my time doing. 
  • I love dancing (Christina & I belly dance together, yes, I've recently bared my belly for the love of the dance :)
  • I'm excited to finally work in my garden after a hectic school year
  • I'm preparing for the arrival of my first baby and... 
  • I love a good party! I am thankful to be blessed with the best friends and family in the world who are also always available for an impromptu get together. 
  • And of course, from my last paragraph about my traveling adventures - I love to travel to places near and far. Can't wait to bring Baby on an adventure!
More about my experience with technology later... it's very nice to meet you all! 
Cheers ~ Laura